Thursday, August 22, 2013

What Up At College, Getting There First of All.

What's Up At College this ole head wants to know?  Back in my day the college experience began with getting there first and foremost.

Now a days getting there is so much easier.  First of all you have this venue, the internet that is, to help you get to college in the first place.  I went to school back in the day when computers first came out.  I remember my first experience with computers as far as learning about them, and we had to punch holes in cards to feed through the computer to tell it what to do. Unbelievable right?

Today you have the internet, with YouTube, Google and all the other bells and whistles.  Prime example, you can go on YouTube and find videos on what to pack to get that ass to the campus with the right stuff. For the guy I thought this video was most informative and well planned. 
The choices for the ladies are exponential, you know, there's what to wear on the first day, what outfits to bring, what not to bring and so on.  But I did find this one video where this young lady made some pretty good suggestions, and guys you might want to check it out as well because she's "been-there-done-that" and passes on some good advice she learned the first time around. 
I'm amazed at all the resources floating around on the world-wide-web that makes this new journey so much easier for students of today.  So much so that while helping a few relatives and friends get their college bound offspring off to school I came across a few and decided to create this blog.  One because the topic was so interesting and two I saw the opportunity to present it from my own unique perspective.

I will need help though, so please comment below to tell me your thoughts, ideas, and experiences.  I'd like to write in the vein of "each one help one" and thereby help those that are not as computer savvy as others. If you'd like to contribute to the blog by submitting a post as well, HOLLA…

Since this is a new venture, I am researching various topics and resources as you read, so please check back and let me know how this ole head is doing. Good Luck and hit the books every now and then too.